Diploma in Computer Application

Diploma in Computer Applications (DICA) is a one year diploma course in the field of computer applications. It studies various computer applications like MS Office, Internet applications, Operating System, Database Management System, HTML among other subjects.

A person who has completed DICA can apply as a computer operator in any firm. He or she can get placed at clerical levels like receptionist, computer operator or cyber cafe owner. He can also work at BPO. DICA diploma holder can execute basic computer tasks and can also become an Accountant. He/she can also become a computer teacher at primary level or can also own Computer teaching Centre for children or adults who wish to learn computer basics.

Diploma in Computer Accounting

Computer Accounting Diploma is designed to teach you the accounting and computer skills employers are looking for. Upon completion of this Diploma, you are prepared to perform general office duties, moderate computer and accounting work, handle payroll responsibilities, and more.

In this course, students learn the practical benefits of using computerized accounting software to prepare financial statements. Accounts payable, general ledger, inventory, bank reconciliations, payroll and banking are some of the functions that can be applied. Students gain practical experience by using a computerized system throughout an accounting cycle.